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believe | accelerate | grow

Our Approach

Established in 2016, Momentum Volley is about getting things in motion, accelerating learning, and growing an experience. Volleyball is an incredible team sport, one that can be enjoyed for a lifetime in its various forms. Further, we BELIEVE that people are powerful learners and that sport is an infinite source of fun… crazy eh?

Momentum Volley is committed to proven motor learning research, growth mindset psychology, and the application of coaching experience & expertise to ACCELERATE the learning process. We are always learning, asking questions, and challenging our approach to the game to provide optimal learning & growth opportunities for all.

Momentum Volley wants to GROW with you.


The “Chalk Board”

2023 Indoor Season Selection Camps

Provided below is information about our selection camps for the 2023 indoor club season.  Important: Please register in ONE camp only. Our coaches will assess athletes with the intentions of finding the appropriate "fit" within our programming. If there is a shift to...

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Team BC 2021 Recap

The summer of 2021 was a busy one for Momentum Volley athletes and coaches thanks to Volleyball BC's Team BC high-performance programming. During the month of July athletes from across Vancouver Island and the province engaged in Team BC selection camps and TEAM BC...

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Athlete Application Period

Volleyball BC's Athlete Application period is in effect until 6:00 PM on October 31, 2021. Q: What is the athlete application period? A: The athlete application period is an opportunity for clubs to gauge the interests and needs of the volleyball community. It is also...

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Upcoming Events

2023 Season Selection Camps

Check your program pages and our Selection Camp post for more information.

2023 Volleyball BC Season of Play

Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada are finalizing the plans for the 2023 indoor club season. A tentative schedule is provided within each of the Momentum Volley program pages.

What do we BELIEVE?

Growth mindset

Having a growth mindset means that you recognize skill and abilities can be developed. Athletes and coaches work together to cultivate a growth mindset and view events as challenges rather than threats.

motor learning

The science of motor learning reveals a number of flaws in the “traditional” approach to athlete development. Non-linear pedagogy, ecological dynamics, and constraints-based learning are fancy terms to suggest we’re interested in unpacking the methods that support learning and retention.


Applying the principles of Growth Mindset and Motor Learning will create a little chaos, confusion, and ugliness. But, they will also help to develop better, more well-rounded players who are prepared to perform when it matters most. We don’t practice to look good in practice. 

What’s different about Momentum Volley?

believe | accelerate | grow

We believe that we have assembled an outstanding core of like-minded community members, who are committed to providing quality learning & training opportunities for young athletes and their families.

What’s in your “b-a-g”?

Right next to the smelly kneepads, socks, and sweaty shirts… we want to stuff it full of belief. The belief that new challenges can be overcome, that you are a powerful learning machine, and that feeling uncomfortable when attempting a new task might just mean you’re on the right path.

Together we want to pack quality training opportunities into your “bag” by applying training methods and providing healthy, competitive experiences that accelerate your development.

And finally, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with today’s youth and feel that they are the best investment communities can make.
By doing so, we all grow together.