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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I still able to play other sports?
Of course! We believe that being young should be full of opportunities and recognize that we are just one of many.
Do I have to "try out" for a team?

No… and Yes.

The MASS and VELOCITY programs have previously operated on a first come first served basis (no pun intended). These programs have the ability to accommodate a maximum of 36 athletes and registration has consistently settled in just shy of that cap. Athletes train in a group environment and are organized into teams after lengthy observation and careful consideration of the program lead and coaches. However, if interest levels escalate we may shift these programs such that they are accessed through a selection camp (see IMPULSE selection camp notes below for insight on our selection camp process).

The IMPULSE program is new for the 2019 season and due to anticipated interest, we will be conducting a selection camp. The selection camp will serve two purposes. First, it will be a camp. Athletes in attendance will have the opportunity to acquire new skills, strategies, and tactics. Second, the environment will help our selection committee in identifying athletes to form Momentum Volley teams for the season.

We believe in training “like with like” as much as possible, but not because we are striving to create “super teams” in an effort to win tournament “x”. Rather, we believe that these groupings help establish an environment that accelerates learning for all.

Can I create a payment plan for club dues?
We understand that organized sport isn’t always cheap or convenient on the bank account. However, we also have gym rentals, equipment expenses, and membership fees that are due up front.

Please contact us to discuss flexible payment plans that work for both parties. We will handle matters with discretion and with an interest in keeping your athlete active in our club.

Do you offer programs for boys?

No. Although many of our coaches have a deep history of coaching boys and men, we started Momentum Volley with a focus on girls. Perhaps, in the future, we will expand further and offer programs for boys.

Do you run beach volleyball programs?
It’s in the works! Our first expansion is taking place during the 2019 indoor club season at the 15U age class. Our second expansion includes beach training opportunities. Stay tuned, but start stocking up on the sunscreen!
I see your programs have started... is it too late to join?
Contact us asap! Let’s see what we can do.

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