We believe in using simple breathing protocols to support athletes in the training environment and beyond. Breathwork is one of those “low hanging fruit” items (similar to sleep and nutrition) that impact our state in powerful ways.

Pre-training protocol
Here’s a simple breathing protocol in preparation for activity. Content and guidance provided by Brian Mackenzie from XPT Life, Power Speed Endurance, and The Art of Breath.

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Get the body warmed up by using your breath and this around the world plank exercise.
5 breaths each station – in through the belly up through the chest.
Get Stable, Hips up, Straight spine, Hands behind Shoulders.
Deep Breathe In / Exhale Out 5 times @ each around the world point (four total).
ATW Plank positions: Prone plank, Right side plank, Supine plank, Left side plank

Once the training session is over we like to transition our system out of the training/competition environment. This breathing routine down-regulates the system into a calm, recovery state (parasympathetic response). This tool is useful in all situations in life to help shift the system (as required) when under stress. Content and guidance provided by XPT Life.

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