Volleyball BC has a strict athlete recruitment policy and its purpose is to protect athletes, families, and clubs from any unnecessary pressures. However, these activities still take place in our sport at all ages and our role at MOMENTUM VOLLEY is to help educate athletes and families on the appropriate means through which athlete recruitment can take place.

Other clubs, existing or new, are not permitted to “recruit” athletes from their existing clubs. Please note that ALL clubs are aware of this policy and any activity at this level is a deliberate breach of the long-standing agreements in place. At MOMENTUM VOLLEY we will not operate in the proverbial “shadows.” We believe in open lines of communication that welcome young athletes from across Greater Victoria and encourage them to fall in love with the game.

This does not mean that athletes are prohibited from exploring opportunities with other clubs. Athletes and their families are permitted to gather information about other programs in the community and we encourage you to do so. We believe in the quality of our programs and the experience we provide at MOMENTUM VOLLEY. If we are not a good “volleyball home” for your family we sincerely hope you find the right fit within the sport. It’s a great game!

When athletes and/or their families contact MOMENTUM VOLLEY about the upcoming indoor season our response provides no more information than currently exists on our website for public consumption.

In summary, other clubs can only provide general information about their programs. The same information that would be available on a public flyer, poster… or website. They are not able to provide information or suggestions that they “really want you” or that an athlete would “make a team” or “be a starter” or “play this position”… nor are they permitted to initiate these discussions. These activities are recruitment practices and can result in hefty fines and suspension from Volleyball BC.

Please keep the above in mind and if you have any questions feel free to contact us for guidance. We do not covet athletes, but we greatly appreciate your ongoing communication.